Council has changed the way it describes work opportunities on the Supplier Portal. In September 2023, information describing specific projects or procurements was replaced with information that describes the type of work on offer.

The type of work on offer is displayed as a number of different supply categories. Each supply category is described in detail, showing what’s included and excluded in the category. This change has been made to ensure that the information displayed represents the wide range of work on offer and can be easily kept up to date.

There has been strong interest in the Supplier portal since it was launched in March 2023, with now more than 230 suppliers registering their interest in working with Council.

Suppliers report that the registration process is easy and quick, taking about 15 minutes on average to complete the process. Suppliers are encouraged to login to the portal and update their details if they wish to add to or amend any of the information that they have provided.

Regular reports are provided to Council staff doing procurement work so they can gain better market knowledge – useful when considering their approach to sourcing suppliers.

Council began using SiteWise in March 2023 to assess the health and safety capabilities of suppliers and would like more suppliers to use the SiteWise accreditation system.

All suppliers that do physical work for Council or do work where health and safety risk is higher than would normally be present in a typical workplace are required to be accredited for health and safety. SiteWise is now Council’s preferred health and safety accreditation system.

To become accredited with SiteWise, suppliers must complete a 12-step questionnaire which is reviewed by a qualified team of health and safety practitioners. The supplier is awarded a score which is published on the SiteWise contractor database. Any principal organisation signed up to use SiteWise can access the score.

This process enables easier tendering and better-informed supplier selection and helps with onboarding of new suppliers.

143 of Council’s current suppliers have already been accredited with SiteWise with an average score of 81%, and more have started their accreditation process.

Kāpiti Coast District Council has unanimously voted to take the next steps towards becoming an accredited Living Wage Employer.  


To become an accredited Living Wage Employer, the Council would need to make sure that all indirectly paid workers employed by contractors delivering a service to the Council on a regular and on-going basis are either on the current Living Wage or are working towards this with agreed milestones.  Read more….

Kāpiti Coast District Council is sticking to the district’s Long-term Plan 2021-41 (LTP) Our plan for securing our future – Toitū Kāpiti. Council adopted the 2022/23 annual plan on 30 June 2022. The annual plan sticks to the strategic direction outlined in the LTP and describes how we will deliver on our plans and any updates. Read more…